The renown of this particular group of adventurers precedes itself—the destroyers of Iymrith have settled in Zymorven Hall and everyone knows it.  A new power has arisen, and the factions of the Forgotten Realms have taken notice.  

Long tasked with defending the area surrounding the small keep and mansion, the dying Lord Zymorven bypassed his own heir as punishment for betraying his familial oath and bequeathed upon the adventurers the responsibility he could no longer uphold: be a balwark of justice and safety in the wild and dangerous lands surrounding them.  

There are many treacherous dangers in the region—the Evermoors to the south and west being the biggest and most obvious.  But there are dangers all around.  The Frost Hills to the north are the only buffer between the Hall and certain death at the hand of the vicious orc Kingdom of Many Arrows.  The mysterious Moonwood seems riddled with blood-thirsty brigands who kidnap and torture their victims.  The Silverwood to the Southeast is no safe haven, becoming home to horrible and unspeakable evils that have crawled out of the depths of the earth. And the tragically vulnerable communities that surround the Evermoors which have been victims of trolls, giants, orcs, and even dragons…  No trade seems possible in the area, as the dangers are too rife with risk.  

And the wuthering winds continue to howl over the barren, marshy grasslands that no normal person could survive for long.  And that's the danger.  No normal person does. 


The Knights of Zymorvan Hall

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